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Edited for elaboration Mostly "The Facts on Potter" section(some mythological potential-theory-related spoilers for HBP), additional clarification on each theory answer, my house, why Helga, and an additional RP sample. Also, I apologize if I get a bit 'off on tangents here and there' I tried the best I could to stay on topic, but I am known to get a bit more disorganized when I elaborate. If anyone needs the original answers for comparison purposes, I have that saved so just ask.
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Location: Massachusetts
How did you hear about hpotter_elite Give the username. Found it on upstart_crow’s info when poking through the infos of people in the Floo Network blog crew for Harry Potter communities to join because it’s vacation and I have no life.

||The Facts on Potter||
Favorite and Least Favorite Character: My favorite character is Ginny. I know the chief arguments about Ginny are that she is a Mary Sue and an inconsistent character. However, I tend to see more of her than that, although she is adorable, briefly paired with Harry and doesn’t seem to have many flaws other than being gullible in Chamber of Secrets. She’s such a mix of the Weasley family that I can’t really help being attracted to her. She has Molly’s drive to support her family and friends regardless of what the cost is in the dark times, which is one of the things that begins to come out at the end of HBP when she reluctantly lets Harry reject her because it’s “a risk.” She has her father and the twins’ drive of mischief and their knack for stretching the truth. I think she’s an ultimate portrayal of what a good friend should be, regardless of whether she’s paired with Harry or not. I also like how she picks up some of the more traditional Gryffindor traits in the past 3 books. She becomes a strong mischief-maker, a Quidditch player, a bit of a slut, and much more open about herself. She really does turn out to be a true Weasley and I don’t think it’s inconsistent. She seems honest with herself and she still looks at things honestly and with a lot of innocence. Even though she does not argue with Harry completely when he says it’s not safe to be in love with her, she seems to say in the subtext that she will still love him and be willing to wait. Even though it seems a bit like something Mary Sue or stereotypically “princess-like”, Ginny is a dreamer, which is where her parallels with Harry begin to differ. I see Harry as more of a Realist. His lifestyle makes him turn to that Gryffindor philosophy. I think the inconsistency JKR gave her makes her a more human character. She may have been “given” traits rather than develop them, but that’s what young teenagers do most of the time. They develop some traits and grow into themselves, while they also experiment and become different things overtime. I think we have to understand that Ginny is younger than Harry, even if it is only by a year.

Slughorn is my least favorite Harry Potter character. I see Slughorn as a really flat stereotypical Slytherin. I mean, I can deal with flat Slytherins like Voldemort, but at least Voldemort has a background. Slughorn’s most important pieces are that he gave Voldemort the possibilities of making Horcruxes and he surrounds himself with the “popular kids.” As I said, he irritates me like Lockhart. Slughorn is a suck-up. He shuts his mouth and gets on with life by simply clinging to his own crowd of popular, well-known individuals. He cares most about his reputation, which is proven by his defense of himself by cloaking his house in ruins at the beginning of HBP and later when he refuses to give up the real memory of what he told Voldemort about Horcruxes. This reminds me very well of Lockhart, who ran from danger and surrounded himself by anyone who would say he was beautiful and wonderful. The difference is that Lockhart is famous nobody who steals other people’s lives, where as Slughorn is merely an average nobody who helped someone steal other people’s lives.

Favorite and Least Favorite Book: My favorite book was Chamber of Secrets. I think probably one of the first things I like was the happy ending. I also liked meeting new characters: Lockhart, Dobby, the further elaboration about Ginny and the Weasley family. I liked how they included some backstory into the Chamber of Secrets. However, the backstory wasn’t jumbled like the Sirius Black vs Snape issues in PoA where it took a long time to sort the information. Or like the obsessive dives in OotP and HBP where it seemed like endless chapters of backstory.

Honestly, I am going to admit that I don’t really know exactly why PoA was my least favorite…All I can say is that it bored and confused me, so I’m not sure where I can take this, other than to elaborate my feelings. The backstories were jumbled and left loose ends everywhere that weren’t completely tied up until book 5. I never really understood what was trying to be put across first 5 times I read PoA through. It didn’t start to click until I started reading it allowed with my Dad on the 6th try. Throughout my reading of it, the subplots sent me on a whirlwind, leaving me a little lost as to where one thing began and another ended. Maybe it’s because I like looking at things logically and the plot is not as logical as the others. I also think I just disliked how everything seems to be thrown at the characters in a no-nonsense fashion.

Favorite and Least Favorite Spell or Item: Scourgify is my favorite spell. It would be nifty to know that in real life because I hate having to clean but as a daughter and a soon-to-be college student, I have to clean up after myself. I am a packrat and love keeping too many things that don’t fit anywhere. I need some miracle to help me clean and I think it’s a reasonable safe charm to have on hand, with very logical domestic purposes. After all, first impressions do wonders for people and for me, friends love organized things.

My least favorite spell is Leglimens. I see Leglimens being used in my life to torment me. I have not had a very good childhood. It’s nothing unusual for a teenager, but I’ve been treated terribly by friends who have used me countless times. And I’ve had people accuse me that my dreams are very much against most structured modern philosophies and religions. I am a high idealist and a lot of my dreams are fantasies. Secondly, I am very gullible, to the point that if you blackmail me, you’re more than likely to make me give in. I have no moral strength, although I will attempt to resist your demands.

What do you hate most about Harry Potter (the series)?
I hate that in the more recent books, there is a backlash of overstuffing the book with backstories. I love learning about the past, but I wish the tales were more spread out. It becomes a bit of a headache to sort every single event coherently. It seems like it has suddenly dawned on JK Rowling that the series is ending, so she needs to tie up everything so that she does not have to make an additional book to please the fans who are demanding more about everything. Like I said before, I like logically arranged plots.
What do you love most about Harry Potter (the series)?
I’m changing my argument here because I realize how all-over-the-place I was. I love how she twists mythology to fit each character. Sirius, named after the “Dog Star” is a dog animagus. Remus and Romulus were raised by wolves and Remus is a werewolf. Mad-Eye Moody has one eye which parallels Odin, whose eye was put out in the search for truth. Fenrir is a werewolf, named after the son of a trickster who looked like a wolf, who will potentially defeat Odin. I also love noticing little things every time I read it and trying to play detective while I read each book and evolving my skills with each additional reading. The way JK Rowling writes is like a game of Clue where all the clue cards are buried somewhere. I have a lot of fun trying to find the clues that led to the true ending.
Choose 3 of these theories to write about (remember be thorough and elaborate), write Agree or Disagree before anything else.
Harry is a Horcrux:
Snape is good: Agree. I don’t see Snape as purely evil. I could see him as being neutral and his own person, but I have a feeling there is more to him than just what JKR has portrayed so far. Dumbledore saw something that no one else did. I don’t think Dumbledore would have allowed him to teach if he was a serious threat. I really wonder if Dumbledore’s “please” meant something else at the end of HBP. I haven't really seen the small word as a "please kill me" or "please don't"...I think it's more of a "Please do what I told you to do. Please do what is necessary." I have an odd feeling that the Order was not oblivious to the possibility of a Hogwarts invasion or that someone would be told to kill Dumbledore. I can see clearly that in spite of all the hatred Snape has shown toward Harry, he does in a way want to protect Harry or at least tolerate him. And he very clearly is loyal to Narcissa and Malfoy and cares in more than just a business sense for them. I think his “killing” of Dumbledore renders him essential for the next book and that there is probably a turning point in our understanding(or lack of understanding) him.

Sirius is alive: Agree. For me, this is merely a fluke. JK Rowling has given us a very interesting argument in this case. She says the Mirror is essential, but that Sirius is not coming back or at least he’s not a ghost. He’s in some version of the “trial field” in Greek mythology (I forget the name) or the literal purgatory of strict old-fashioned Catholics. There is no answer of what happened to Sirius, but everything happens for a reason and death does not really make a lot of sense yet because all that happened is that he disappeared behind a veil and hasn't come back.
Petunia is a Squib:
Snape loved Lily:
Dumbledore is dead: Disagree. I don’t think he’s dead, even though I know people can’t be raised from the dead. I think the phrase Dumbledore mentioned to Draco that they can hide him and make it look like he’s dead is one key. The second key, being that phoenixes, existence and flame are all used in conjunction with Dumbledore throughout all 6 books. The third is the one that makes me think "religious reference again": Dumbledore is often reflected as the "first Jesus" figure, centered mostly on the fact 'as long as people are still loyal to Dumbledore, he still remains at Hogwarts'. There’s something unique about that which I think will become more and more important. Plus, Dumbledore faking his death makes a very unique ploy about the situation. It makes it more dangerous, and pulls on the underlying theme that HARRY is supposed to be the hero, not Dumbledore.
Harry will die in book 7:
||The Houses||
Describe each house in detail:
Gryffindor was founded by Godric Gryffindor. The house mascot is a lion and the house item was the sword. Their ghost is Sir Nicholas de Mimsy Poppington, also known as Nearly-Headless Nick. Gryffindors are pursuers of justice. They are brave adventurers and love being the centers of attention. Gryffindors are pioneering leaders and live by their own rules. They are passionate, courageous and impulsive.
Ravenclaw was founded by Rowena Ravenclaw. The house mascot is a raven and the house item is a locket. Their ghost is the Gray Lady. Ravenclaws are witty, intelligent, and logical. They are often aloof and prefer books to people. They learn for the sake of knowledge. They are the inventors and the selective teachers.
Hufflepuff was founded by Helga Hufflepuff. The house mascot is the badger and the house item is a cup. Their ghost is the Fat Friar. Huffflepuffs are loyal, hardworking and just. Hufflepuffs question everything and their loyalty is hard-earned although they are fair and friendly. Hufflepuffs are the leaders who blend: they are the peacemakers, humanitarians, and philanthropists of the Wizarding World. They protect and lead the under-privileged, overlooked, ignored and ostracized. They focus highly on morals and humanity.
Slytherin was founded by Salazar Slytherin. The house mascot is a snake and the item is the ring. Their ghost is the Bloody Baron. Slytherins are calculating, aloof, and cold. They focus on “friendship” as a means of creating alliances to boost their reigns of influence and power. They have a strong sense of ambition and are very self-centered. Their house has a majority of purebloods and a minority of half-bloods. Slytherins make powerful dictatorial leaders.

What house would you be in?:
I would probably be in Hufflepuff because I’m a background leader. I make sure everything runs smoothly from behind the scenes. I am gentle, sweet, hardworking, and logical. I’m open-minded, blindly loyal, and I have a martyr complex. I will give more for my friends than I do for myself. I tend to accept everyone and I’m very kind and friendly. I am obsessive in regards to protecting the environment and my sense of ethics and justice borderlines socialist tendencies. I am selective the way some Hufflepuffs(i.e.-Finch-Fletchley) are in the fact that I will hold a grudge against someone I feel is unworthy of my acquaintance until you prove yourself worthy of friendship, but then I will be perfectly fine accepting you. I also hate fighting and disunity.

||The Character||
The Character you've chosen: Helga Hufflepuff
Why did you choose this character: I pattered around with a lot of characters before settling on Helga. I like a lot of what her character stands for because I am an idealist myself.Not a lot of information is known about Helga. All we know is her house members and what the Sorting Hat says about her. The mystery behind her intrigues me as well because we do not meet a lot of substantial Hufflepuffs in the books. Everyone tells me I'm a stereotypical Hufflepuff for many of the reasons listed above.

Describe them: Helga Hufflepuff was born in Wales, making her have an almost sing-song kind of voice, reminiscent of a very generous mother. She is kind, gentle, loyal and hardworking. She is a philanthropist and environmentalist, caring deeply about all of creation. At times she could be submissive, but often she stood for a proper union of the four houses and fairness between all. As a child, she was known for putting others before herself and she wanted to learn about the Muggle world. Physically she had wavy hair and dark eyes. She got along well with everyone.

Do a simple roleplay of your character so we can get a feel for how you roleplay be creative
Version 1: ((OOC: active roleplay... okay, it’s short and merely a scenario, since I’ve never done a canon Harry Potter RPG before))
Helga Hufflepuff sat in the small vegetable patch near the gamekeeper’s hut. She was hoping for the gourds and potatoes she had planted to sprout in time for the Halloween. She heard shouting from a bit farther off. Immediately, she stood up, gloves covered in dirt and dragon dung and went to see the commotion.

She found a few students with wands drawn. Pulling her own wand out of her apron, she frowned and looked toward each, silently hoping it was unnecessary to disarm the students at once. She stepped toward the center of the group. “Okay, let’s talk this out. What happened?” She nodded to the first student she saw, indicating that they should be the first to speak.
Version 2:((OOC: This is a journal style which is what a lot of the roleplays I'm involved in start with.))
Entry 1
Things are unsteady around Hogwarts. It used to be so easy to talk about how to run this school. Now it seems we fight over students more than we decide where to place them.

We never used to need separate tables to distinguish our houses. Originally, students could sit with friends from other houses. Now, we separate students because they are ours. Things are changing between us and between our students. More fights break out in the halls. The more we change, the more the school around us changes, but that’s the way magic works.

I encourage my students to be open and question the other houses, but the rest encourage only their house values. The other Founders and I act on our own now, rather than as a group. I remain close to the garden, Rowena to her books, Salazar to some project in his lair, and Godric to the uses of his sword.

Entry 2(a few days later)
Salazar left yesterday. I tried to convince him to stay. I said we could work something out. Try to make a peace between the four of us, if only for the sake of our school. Our school was founded on unity and friendship. Now the Four of us is whittled down to three of us and we struggle harder to choose where the students belong. We have the Hat, but we still argue over whether the Hat is right... I know nothing of Salazar's project, but I am afraid of what that means for the future of our school. We do not talk about what we do. We have not talked about any of our goals or plans for many years. Considering Salazar and I are polar opposites and what Salazar thinks is good is the antithesis of my definition of good, I feel slightly safer not knowing but it does not end the uneasiness. Will this lack of unity now place our school into danger in several hundred years?
||The End||
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