kadie_darling (kadie_darling) wrote in hpotter_elite,

Mod\\ Challenge #4

I'm opening a second challenge for those who arn't photoshop savvy and won't be able to participate in the other challenge (however those who are photoshop savvy can still participate here)

Create a theory. I don't want to see something I've already heard or thought about, no is dumbledore dead? is snape evil? I want a unique theory. It might be something someone else has thought before but please don't steal ideas from someone.

Create a new theory
No cheating and copying a theory please
No common theories
Must be some what credible no theories that are 100% false.


The theory that wins will be chosen for a debate. (voting will take place for the theories)
1st place 100 pts
2nd 75 pts
3rd 50 pts

Entires 10 pts. two entry per person so make it good!
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