kadie_darling (kadie_darling) wrote in hpotter_elite,

Mod\\Challenge #3

Icon Challenge. This is a very basic challenge. Your challenge is to make an icon of A DIFFERENT HP character then the one you have chosen here, but you can only do characters who have been chosen so no one can do Harry because he has not been chosen. You may submit up to 5 icons and will recieve 10 pts for each one. First place will recieve 150 pts second 100 and third 75.

You may use real PBS (Dan Radcliff for Harry) or fake ones, or any one you feel represents the character


Icon must be 100x100 and fit LJ standards.
You may not choose your own character to use for the icon but you may choose 5 different characters
Up to 5 icons
No unclaimed characters

Challenge will go until Next sunday

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