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Mod\\ Results for Challenge #2

Voting for Challenge #2 is closed.

And the winners....

In first place with 10 votes and recieving 150 pts Ginny Weasley and Anger

The room was in a mess. Clothes on the floor and on the dressing table, books torn and thrown all over the bed and on the floor and pictures flung everywhere. It would have looked odd, except that Ginny was standing in the middle of the room, screeching and throwing all her belongings on the floor. Or rather, all the things belonging to her and Harry.

"You remember this, Harry Potter. Remember what you said. Remember how I begged. And remember not to come running back," she screamed in anger to noone in particular. She was devastated, and her world seemed to have collapsed.

She walked towards the rack by the window, the one which still had the picture of her and Harry on it. She stiffled a sob as she looked at how happy they were back in her 6th year, out in the snow, shivering but smiling happily. In a fit of rage, Ginny grabbed it and threw it violently onto the floor.

The glass on the frame was smashed into many small pieces. Just like that, Ginny felt her heart smashed into a million small pieces. With that, she buried her head in her hands and began to weep.

In second place with 8 votes and recieving 100 pts Rowena Ravenclaw and Greed

When it all comes down to it, there's really no question about her motives. The search for knowledge for the sake of knowledge is indeed full of passion, but there is no altruism. What is it but pure avarice that drives her desire to know everything? What can it be called but greed, to wish to clench the whole of the universe's thoughts and ideas tight in one fist and say, "I know ALL." Is there any doubt? Nose planted firmly in a book, eyes hungrily drinking up every drop of knowledge they can come across, there is no rationalizing this. Yes, she is greedy. To think that all the knowledge of the world could even fit into a single head, she is a fool - but a fool whose heart is driven by purpose. Driven by the desperate need for omniscience, because only in complete enlightenment can the truth be found, few are the details that will escape the grasping fingers of her mind. In this she has no equal, none whose thirst exceeds her own. Others search for knowledge to fulfill a purpose, to reach an end. She, too, thinks that this is what she is doing, struggling to encompass the world's thoughts, her end the ultimate wisdom. But the truth that her greed blinds her to is that there isn't - and never will be - an end. Perhaps someday, the sage of time will teach her this. Until then, however, she hungers forevermore.

In third place with 6 votes and recieving 75 pts Cho Chang and 7 deadly sins

Cho sat in the common room, snacking on some crisps. She contemplated her Muggle Studies essay. List the Seven Deadly Sins, and in your own words, explain them.

“Cedric Diggory asked you to the ball?”
“That’s right.” Cho responded with a smirk.
“I thought he had a thing for Susan Bones.”
“Please. I’m gorgeous, she’s ugly, and everyone knows it.”

“The third task is in two days. Please help me with Shielding Charms.”
“Cedric, honey, I’m too tired right now. I’m sure you’ll do fine, don’t worry.”

Cedric was dead. Cedric’s parents had given her his Nimbus. He would’ve wanted to let his team use it.
She rode it during the next match, against Hufflepuff. Ravenclaw won.

It was wrong. He was a year younger. Cedric hadn’t even been dead for a year.
But she kissed Harry Potter under the mistletoe anyway.

“Oh, you’ll talk to Hermione Granger!” she said shrilly. She couldn’t Harry was thinking about another girl on their date. “Perhaps it’d be best you went and met up with her, like you obviously want to!”

Gryffindor won; Ginny Weasley smirked at her, snitch in hand. Cho threw her broom (no, Cedric’s broom) at the ground. She wanted to murder that redhaired tramp.

Cho set her essay aside. She couldn’t concentrate; she was out of crisps. Her hand paused, hovering over an unopened packet; this would be her third today. You only live once. She opened the bag and kept munching.

If you would like to know how many votes you recieved contact me here and I will inform you.

Ginny- 167
Rowena- 115
Cho- 92
Ron- 34
Sirius- 17
Fleur- 17
Hermione- 2
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