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Mod\\Bella Roleplay # 2

Our first roleplay is still open, however this one you will recieve points for and is much more organized because we have our first prompt.

The prompt

It is finally the wedding day of Bill and Fleur! All the guests arrive and are ready. As the wedding begins, the groom, brides maids, ring bearer....etc. walk down the ailse, and finally the time arrives for the bride (Fleur) to walk down the ailse, but as the song plays no one appears. So after 2 mins Bill decides to go out and search for Fleur in her dressing room, but all he finds is a trashed one. Every one is panicking especially the family of the Weasly's and the Delacour's for they and everyone are asking theirselves whether or not she freaked, panicked and left. But not the Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna and even Ginny\ for they believe that she was taken against her will or something really happened to her (They were thinking about the time where she said that she loved Bill no matter what, and still wanted to marry him... after what Fenrir Greyback did to him).

The Rules

          Subjects should look like this "Bella - tag Lord Voldemort - grave yard." Also if you can please use your icon with your character in it. If you can't posting an icon of your character in your post will do just fine.
          At the end of each post put the word count in parenthesis.  You can easily just paste your post into Word and have them do a word count or you can google word counts. Overall it's just easier for whomever is doing points to know the word counts without counting them themselves.
                    For Example: Bella walked the graveyard looking for the Dark Lord. "Dark Lord?" she called searching behind headstones. "We've got the girl!" she hissed holding a struggling Fleur. (26)
          No character deaths without asking a Mod and the character.
          Just have fun, stick to your characters personality, if a mod feels you've stepped outside of them we'll give you a little warning.

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