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Mod\\Bella Debate

Our first Debate! 

Our first debate is... 

Is Snape Good, Bad, or Neither?

So there it is. But there are a couple of rules that you guys must abide by. I will warn you if I feel you've crossed the line.
  1. No bashing. At all. I know this is debates but please refrain from That idea is stupid or You're stupid
  2. What goes on in debates stays in debates. If someone disagrees with you please don't make it more then a debate.
  3. You must back up your opinion with quote from the book, an essay you've read or a website but please post links or page numbers so others can reference it.

So far those are the first 3 rules I could think of. If I feel more need to be said I will add them.

Need help?
HP Essays on Snape


Google Snape is good or bad?

Need to knows
Here are some things you would like to know.

You can post in two different ways. You may post in character (IC) or Out of Character (OOC) So in other words Bellatrix would say that snape is bad (or maybe good from her response to him in HBP), but I would say that snape is good. So in your subject lines please write Agree (if you think Snape is good) IC or OOC or Disagree (if you think Snape is bad) IC or OOC, or Neither (if you think Snape is neither good or bad: see first comment) IC or OOC. 

You will recieve 10 points for your first post and 5 for every after. For your first post you must post a link back to another article or reference a book to show us where you got your ideas.
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