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Mod\\Bella Debate coming soon Challenge is here

I shall have a debate ready by the end of the day. the second week of Co-Mod Applications have passed so this is the FINAL WEEK to get your application in. Next Sunday I will choose Co-Mods.

Also I know roleplaying is a large part of what people want to do but it's hard to come up with prompts so I have made a challenge.

The challenge is to send a propmt in. It can be crazy, canon, fanon, or whatever. You may submit up to 3 prompts and will recieve 10 points for each prompt. This challenge will continue until Wednesday March 1st. I will compile a list of all the prompts and we will vote on the Top 3. The person who wins will recieve an additional 100 points, the person in 2nd place will recieve 75 points and the person in 3rd will recieve 50 points. All posts are screened. Get your prompts in!

The Challenge is Now Closed
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