kadie_darling (kadie_darling) wrote in hpotter_elite,

Mod\\Character Discussion on Albus Dumbledore

Be prepared for a lot of posts today, I'm just trying to get some discussions going on around here.

What makes you like or dislike Albus Dumbledore?
Have you always felt that way?
Did he ever had a moment where you thought differently?
Why do you think he didn't make it to the 7th book?
Do you think he really is dead?
What do you think made him or didn't make him an intresting character?
Who would you have him in a relationship with?
Do you think anyone will compare to him as Hogwarts Headmaster?
Who did you feel better represented Albus Dumbledore? Richard Harris or Michael Gambon?

Feel free to add your own and further discuss Albus Dumbledore
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